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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Number 93! We're getting there...

Thanks number 93 whoever you are and wherever you are... let me know and I'll post you up. Also Jeff aka PaddleJones and Steve Bell (did you order the Vike Bump yet...?) chimed in with some nice words. I'm on it guys- I'm posting up the minutae of Baja life, let me know if you need anything specific.

Another San Quintin flatwater shot- it'd be fun to poke around here.


Jake said...

I check out your blog everyday, John. You can always be counted on to deliver great pics. I'm gonna need that stoke as I head back to Texas for the holidays.

Keep it up!


jorgo said...

make it 94. Keep up the good work. been living vicariously through your trips south. you couldn't have picked a better time to get out of San Diego. been following you for a long time John and appreciate the dedication you have to "research and development"..
Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Mele Kalikimaka.

Kelly said...

Wow. Every time I've been through San Quintin it's been super N windy. That bay would indeed be a fun cruise if you could on glass! And you can launch from right there at the Old Mill.

John Ashley said...

Jake... from DogPatch? Thanks for following along Jake. I've been told that California water is all polluted so you're not missing much... let's surf when you get back.

John Ashley said...

hey Jorgo!

Research and development... would love to do it fulltime! I guess I timed it perfectly, from what I've been told it's been gnarly. Going to be polluted for awhile.

Off to do some more R&D...

Merry Christmas to you too.


John Ashley said...

Yeah Kelly- you're down here next year for sure.

Guess you'll be paddling in the bay for awhile.

Better than nothin'