Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sometimes bad things happen on the Baja highway...

This is one dangerous road, you've got to be alert and you've got to be extremely careful if you're going to make the journey down to the tip of Baja. We came up on this accident a half hour or so after it happened:

The first indication that you'll have that all is not well up ahead are the blinking hazard lights of vehicles coming your way. When you see those lights, slow way down. You could be coming up on cows or goats in the road or you could be approaching an accident. In this case we came up on an overturned truck. You can see that people were already leaving the highway and figuring out desert detours to get around the traffic jam.
All along the highway you'll see little white crosses or small enclosed monuments with candles in them or old flowers. These mark where someone died in an accident. The monuments are cold reminders to slow it down and to be careful. Never take your eyes off the road and SLOW DOWN. It looked like this truck driver ran off the side of the highway into an arroyo and flipped his truck. Rescuers were trying to lift the cab with their hands to get the trapped driver out.

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