Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just me loving my new 8'6" short SUP, but not in a weird way... more photos!

So much of getting this board dialed in was being able to switch away from what I was used to riding. In this case, I went with much bigger fins. It's kind of hard to tell from this photo but those side fins are enormous- biggest ones I've seen actually. My thought was that the board would be too tracky and not really responsive with such big keel like fins on it. In short, not a chance. That 8'6 rolls from turn to turn really smoothly- I was really surprised at how those fins worked out. If it gets really small, I'm going to pull the middle fin and put a little two inch trailer in there and see how she goes. The fin thing is super fun be sure you've got a quiver of stabs on you, you never know what combo might be the ticket.
A tale of two tails... fun stuff. The swallow tail feels really good for being a wider outline. The whole idea of the swallow is a cool one- basically you've got a board with two pintails on it- all the drive and flow of a longer rail line with a little wedge of area taken out to give you some bite. I'm digging it on this one.

Check the rail line, a sensible, surfy, clean runner. No rooky rails on this girl.
If you're a big Baja fan, be sure to check the site and the Facebook page over the next three weeks. I'll be driving down to Southern Baja and surfing that area until early January. The idea is to post while I'm down there (we've rented a killer little house on the beach and the owner assures me that he's got 24 hour wi-fi). I'll be putting up all kinds of Mexico stuff- so if you're into that kind of thing- check back!

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