Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Southern Baja Paddle Surf Update: Surfable... but not epic.

Well, the fabled swell hasn't materialized but there is a noticeable bump in the water. Unfortunately there are a couple things working against our surf spot right now: tide and wind. The tide's been a little too high in the morning and by the afternoon the wind's been on it. If things work out and the wind doesn't come on too strong this afternoon, I'm predicting that it's going to be super fun. We'll see. Some shots from this morning:

There were still some fun ones out there. This is Jess from Colorado paddling his Pau Hana stand up board. We ended surfing a bit up the beach being goofy footed surfers we were seeking lefts. Not that I don't like riding on my backhand- my new 8'6 makes surfing backside super fun- I'm just waiting for the day when the point starts lining up to unleash the inner carve beast.
Everybody parks in assigned stalls at this beach parking lot... yeah right! The guy in the background was stand up surfing an 11'6 Laird longboard style and killing it.


Unknown said...

Amazing outline on that blue G-Rip.

been following for 2 yrs+ from up in north CA, just a lake paddler... keep up the good work!

Jeff (paddlejones)

John Ashley said...

Hey Jeff- Awesome! Thanks for following these last two years... I hope I've put up some helpful stuff for you.

The G-ripper is turning out to be my favorite board- I just surfed it in really small beach break and it was super fun. I will have to move the center fin back a quarter inch or so- I pushed it over really hard and it slid out a little bit... we'll see!