Sunday, December 26, 2010

Go Buy This: The Barrel Blend, 2007 Napa Blend

I'm a wino. Really, I much prefer wine over just about any other booze. My good buddy and ex-student Kyle Knox, who is, by the way, a pro-surfer has put together a bottle that has just blown my mind. Go find this: The Barrel Blend. It's Napa juice from the stellar 2007 vintage... and it's only 16 bucks. I just drank a bottle while enjoying another sublime Baja sunset (green flash? check.). The stuff is good; smooth as a salamander's ass and full like a handful of J-Lo. I'm stoked I brought another bottle and am wondering if hiding it from everyone else makes me a bad person. 

Here's how much I like this wine: Kiwi or Para... if you're reading this would you go to Wally's and pick up five bottles of this stuff for me? Pay you back when I get home. Thanks!


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John Ashley said...

Yep! This stuff is awesome.