Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hold the Press: WAVES!

Just when you least expect it... you get waves. We got to the beach expecting nothing- and check out what was there to greet us:

You see that left winding off up top? That's my spot! The guy paddling out is Jake, a local stand up paddler. I met Jake last year and he was killing it on his C4 stando... good to see him again.
I was stoked to nab a half a dozen or so waves before enjoying a refreshing Modelo and a breakfast burrito on the sand... sabor! It's looking like a day at the beach for us... load the cooler.


Jeff Wallis said...

John Boy,

The breakfest "Burrito Wagon" will be there again the morning! Got some SUP pix that I will be firing over to you tonite, later after we munch on our Pollo con Papas y Arroz! All freshly made here in La Casita Dedo Plumo y Hombre Queso Blanco!


John Ashley said...

Yeah Wally! You're living the life for sure... how stoked are you?

I've got a spot for you and Dedo Plumo for New Years... talk to me tomorrow!

Jeff Wallis said...

Lovin it here Bro! Todays waves were a bit more of what I need to get my crankin! Hopin it will pick up a bit over nite.

Dedo Plumo is diggin it as well and we have really gotten a feel for Todos and have made some new local friends!

Cool deal on the spot for New Years! Talk to ya in the morning!