Thursday, December 30, 2010

There's a new sheriff in town and she goes by Lead Finger (Dedo Plomo)

Everybody knows that Wally is out there rackin' frames with his killer Canon 7D- want to know who really get's the goods though? His better half, Dedo Plomo or Lead Finger. If you see this woman on the beach you better bring the A-game because she's watching:

Sandra- or Dedo Plomo going full-auto at 7 frames a second... boost it. PS: ask her about the killer breakfast burritos she makes every morning... yum!


Unknown said...

I love the nicknames in Mexico. I travelled a lot down there years ago and everyone had a nickname. My favorite was a kid named El Diablo.

John Ashley said...

Hey Jake- Totally agree with you... if you hang out long enough you'll get one too. Here are the ones I typically here towards me: Chino, Gordo, Burro... They just love me down here!

Jeff Wallis said...

John Boy,

Great post my friend and the nickname thing does have some serious cred!

Wallys new nickname down here is
"Hombre Queso Blanco"

Dedo Plumo is digging it and we got some good snaps today as well.

She is gonna crankout the leftover killa carne with beans in "SURF BURROS" for the morning.

See ya there!

Hombre Queso Blanco y Dedo Plumo