Thursday, December 23, 2010

Filling the blanks: A typical Baja motel room

We stay in motels two nights each way when driving down to Cabo. Typically, you'll spend around 400 pesos (32 dollars) for a room. The quality varies, that's why we have our favorites and we stick to them. Here's what a room in the The Old Mill looks like:

Obviously, it isn't the Four Seasons. What it is, however, is clean and bright and a bargain for a one night stopover- especially since the room fee comes with one free beer for each person staying. Help yourself.
Some motels are now offering free wi-fi which is cool if you're hooked on the net like me. The Old Mill hasn't quite taken that step yet. It does offer views like this:

Steps from your door- San Quintin's back bay. If you get there early enough you could definitely get in a nice flatwater paddle before dinner.

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