Thursday, December 23, 2010

Number 92 Hops on Board!

Okay guys- thanks for stepping up: Number 92, I salute you! I've got this thing set to put up new posts all day long... and I'm churning away at more. Basically, I've decided to start describing how to do a trip like the one I'm on from start to finish. You'll see posts called "Filling in the Blanks:..." those are the ones that will chronicle in chronological order this current surf adventure.

Thanks Clayton for the vote of confidence:

"John, you know I'm new to this sport. I appreciate your blog to help me understand everything about and around this sport. So please keep on keeping on with your blogs."

I had a moment of doubt last night when I called it quits. The thought ran through my head that it wasn't possible to get the 1000th post up by the 1st. When I see positive comments like Clayton's it fires me up- so let me know people... Personally I think the challenge will be to keep the quality of the posts up- I'll try my best.


Steve Bell said...

Dont Stop now, 7 days of rain in So Cal & have'nt surfed in 10 day ! this is the only thing keeping me stoked, keep up yhe good work John.

Steve Bell said...

Viking Bump On Order, There's no doubt in my mind it will be awsome! 92 x 30 x 4.25 4+1 set up Tigar striped orange, ( I got a thing about orange Boards That way the wife does'nt really know how many boards I have ) can't wait it's going to rip !!