Thursday, December 2, 2010

T'n'T Surf Shop: Festivus for the rest of us! Friday, December 3rd... come check it out.

I remember the first surf shop I ever went into- it was dark, smelled like resin, Mr. Zog's Sex Wax and special tobacco. Every now and again the place was wracked by the whine of a Skill 100 mowing  foam. I was pretty dorky but I knew cool when I saw it and that place was it- I was hooked. You could go in, hang out, watch a guy shape a board in the back and chat up the insanely hot girl who worked the counter. Well, I was actually too shy to try to actually, you know, physically talk to her- so I just checked out the rad Dennis Jarvis twin fins in the rack by the window and tried not to embarrass myself while my buddies bought grip tape and stickers. 

Surf shops are still cool (I, unfortunately, never quite lost the dorkiness) and one of the most soulful shops is right here in Imperial Beach. The T'n'T shop is small but it's got all kinds of heart and the folks running the place have surfing running through their veins. Plus, they're supporting our funky little beach-art scene. Tomorrow night they're hosting an art show called Festivus for the Rest of Us. There'll be a DJ, light refreshment and art hung all over the walls. Last time, the gathering was like a who's who of south San Diego surfing and the photographic art was pretty stunning. If you're down this way, roll on by and peak your head in... there might even be an insanely hot chick behind the counter!

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