Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off to ceviche...

Remember that Sierra? Well, we rounded up a couple more of those suckers and now it's time for ceviche over at my friend's rancho. We've got our friend Israel filleting them out and turning them into ceviche. If you've never had ceviche before it's basically raw fish that's cooked in lots of lime juice.

 Ceviche is one of those pure tasting kinds of food that actually makes you feel healthier when you're finished with it (I guess, then, it's the ten cocktails I'm going to drink that will do the damage). The citric acid cooks the fish off and then you add chopped tomato, onion and cilantro- it's delicioso!


Unknown said...

Oh Johnny Boy, Lucy was asking where you were staying?? Let me know. IB Thursday AM, 20+NNw wind, ugly
Back to the caffe, happy new year to you and the crew, let coach know we have to go north for PE

Anthony said...

Sweet! I really enjoy the Baja/Life if Mexico posts. You guys should test out a modest adventure travel/SUP trip to Baja business. A way to make money sharing your expertise and doing what you love to do.

Thanks for the posts....keep em coming!