Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now that's ART!

Very rarely do I find a painting that speaks to me... and this one speaks to me... kind of. It's called, "Imperial in the Desert". They call this town an "artist's colony" which just means that the paintings are overpriced and artificially important. It also means that you can be a retired-nobody with a paintbrush, move down here and rebrand yourself as an "artist". I think that label is applied a little  too liberally and if you're labeling yourself as an "artist" then you most definitely aren't. Where's the life of pain? Show me the inner struggle, I want to know about the agony inside. That, or show me the collages that you're making out of furballs and toenail clippings- that would impress me; a little.

I don't know, I just dig it. Maybe because it doesn't take itself too seriously.


Steve be l said...

all that's missing is the stando on top

John Ashley said...

Mr. Bell, you, Sir, are a genius!

Steve Bell said...

Just A Little Obsessed