Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunset at the Rancho

Here's a couple of shots from my friend's ranch. This is the epicenter of activity for our crew- we all caravan down together and this is the gathering spot for fish tacos, wine tasting, Christmas gift exchanging (more on that to come) or sunset cocktails. Good people, good feelings- just good stuff:

See all those little casitas? Each one was built for one of my friend's kids. These things are cool, they're built up on stilts with little wooden decks out front and palapa roofs. The ranch spreads out over an acre and a half and features the main house with garage and a giant palapa that's big enough for all twenty of us to gather on Christmas Eve and pass out our gifts. Everything was built by my friend with a little work contracted out to local masons. If you luck out and get invited over you'll know why we all love it so much- lot of heart out here.
Out at the Ranch getting things ready for a fish taco feast.
I've looked at a lot of stars and put away a few beers around this campfire.
Sunsets from the second story deck are awesome. During the day, you can sit up there and listen to the wind blow through the palapa roof over you. It's a great spot to watch whales go swimming by- it's a legitimate beer drinking perch.

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