Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Southern Baja Paddle Surf Report: It's coming... we hope!

Rumor has it that there will be surf here tomorrow. We're all waiting with crossed fingers. I first paddled this spot two years ago (I brought a stand up down here three years ago but I didn't surf the spot I'm at now- it wasn't happening)- at that time there were only two guys doing stand up paddle down here: Kiwi and me. Just today I ran into three other paddlers and I've been told that there are three other regulars who get out often. The two I've met were super cool, competent surfers. It's great to see that stand up paddling is being represented well down here. Here's a shot of what we surfed today:

This is our bread and butter spot (I can't name it... sorry... but if you're Baja-savvy at all you already know where I'm at). When it's big and out of the west-northwest solid lines will sweep across this cobble bump in the shore and put up fast, right hand waves. If it gets big, the spot can hold it- and it gets scary. I know my limits here. I lurk around the inside looking for the against-the-grain left handers which are often overlooked. The water is typically clear and blue- it's a great spot to stand up paddle as long as you know the rules and you're not a wave hog, kook.... that's not you, right?

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