Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 2: The big push, San Quintin to Mulege.

This is a big driving day, ten hours at least behind the wheel. We start off on the Pacific side in San Quintin, run down the middle of the peninsula through the rock garden at Catavina and into the town of Guerrero Negro or G.N. as I like to call it. G.N. is on the border of the state of Baja Sur, once you pass through G.N. you're in southern Baja, a whole different state. After G.N. you run across the plains outside of town and across to the Sea of Cortez and the little sleepy town of Mulege. Check out our Day 2 progress:

Here we are, Day 2 in green. San Quintin to Mulege, 10 hours- lots of pretty sights but be careful, this road can be dangerous!

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