Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse... wow!

I found out that this was going down while I was surfing today. My friend Mark paddled out and told me I'd better stay up and watch this since it wasn't going to get this good for at least thirty more years... So here I am, it's late (or early) and I'm fascinated by this eclipse business. Here are a couple of shots with my Canon point and shoot (S5 IS) and a tripod. I used the countdown timer to trip the shutter so I wouldn't shake the camera by pushing the button. Super cool seeing this down here.

It took awhile for it to get going but once things got up to speed- it was on!
It was really fun shooting the eclipse. It made me wish I had some better gear but I'm pretty happy with the results I got considering that my camera is three years old and my tripod is frozen in place.


Unknown said...

Hey John, it's Casey from down the street. Did you shot these from your backyard? I figured it would be too overcast to see much. Nice job.

John Ashley said...

Hi Casey-

No, I took these from 1100 miles away in Southern Baja! Super clear and really cool to watch the eclipse go down.

As soon as the moon was in the Earth's shadow, all the other stars popped out.

Thanks for the compliment- not too bad considering it was a point and shoot.

Get out and paddle! I've got a free rental for you this summer- just hit me up!

Lainey said...

Great pix! The night sky in Baja is amazing...

John Ashley said...