Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kalama Kamp in Turks and Caicos: Part II

So the camp is run by Dave Kalama, Brody Welte, and guest host John Denney. I don't think you could ask for a more dynamic group of individuals to teach, entertain, and share good times with. Brody has a stand up fitness business called Standup Fitness, Inc. as well as a retail SUP store in St. Petersburg Florida. He's spent considerable time in San Diego, Kauai, and most recently Florida. Brody is one those guys that you can't help but like, always spitting out his stream-of-consciousness, which ranges from funny, to odd, to just out and out weird. His love of stupid movie quotes, kept me on my toes the whole week. John, on the other hand is this big, boisterous, teddy bear of a guy. John Denney has been friends with Dave for a long time and is a well known big wave surfer/ waterman that resided in Maui for years before recently moving to Florida and opening up a SUP retail business called Brody and John, have a incredibly "unique" relationship in which they constantly try to one up each other. Keeps things interesting!

So I figured I'd give everyone a preview what the days were like for us during the camp. Each morning the group gathered on the beach for a Kalama beach workout. For most of us, working out requires going to the gym, using specialized weights/ equipment, and so on. For Dave who is a very fit individual takes a very simple approach. His beach workouts consists of deep sand runs on the beach, a variety of pushups/ pull ups/ dips/ crunches/ lunges, etc. Dave's simplicity surfaces in his use of his use of $4 worth of rope that he utilizes to do a variety of upper body exercises using whatever he can find to serve as a post. I'm guessing Dave has access to state of the art exercise facilities, personal trainers and the like but I think for Dave, he favors the simplicity of being on the beach with like minded individuals using what our creator has provided. I assure you, the beach workouts were no easy endeavor for any of us. For those not accustom to beach runs and lunges, it's a wake up call to what we should be able to do before stepping foot in the water. It seems that Dave has been able to accomplish extraordinary things by keeping very fit, both mentality and physically.

After workouts and group breakfast each morning, we would head to the Big Blue Unlimited headquarters. Big Blue, is a adventure company that provides visitors the opportunity to paddle, kite board, windsurf, scuba, snorkel, kayak, etc. It's difficult to convey
how awesome Big Blue and one of the co-owners of 12 + years, Phillip was in accommodating our group, taking us by car and boat anywhere and everywhere that we wanted to explore. Phillip is quite a character. Raised primarily in Turks and Caicos, Phillip spent much of his life on the island in between his boarding school education in England. Phillip is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the islands. He has a thorough knowledge of the workings of the ocean, sea life, the archeology/ history of the area, etc. In addition to being a great host, he's quite a character and kept us entertained with his conspiracy theories!

Part III coming soon....

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