Friday, December 24, 2010

I go away for an afternoon... and look what happens!

106! What are you guys? Overachievers? Really, I'm touched- thanks all of you out there in reader-land this is an excellent and awesome and heartfelt gift. I'm fired up! Let's see how I do now.

The Big Question: Who is number 100? I don't think I have a method of figuring it out... so let me know, if you know.

Yesterday morning... let's hope we got an early Christmas Eve gift... off to check it!


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting Johnny! After a 4 day deluge of steady rain we're seein day 2 of blue skies and a seriously brown tide. Keep it safe and best to all. Duct Tape Rules!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary-

Heard it was POURING!!!! Glad I missed it... I'm keeping Mark in beer and tequila... standard.