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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a few photos from a couple years ago...

I remember this day- the surf was firing. Wally snapped these- check out the camera mounted on my paddle. I'll search around and see if I've got the shots from the paddle cam. Cool stuff, playing with the Go-Pro and seeing what it could do- fun times!

Clean, offshore and cold... still wish we had more like this!
Fingers crossed for more fun days like this! 

 Wasn't kidding, it was GOING OFF!


Jeff Wallis said...

Those were some good surf days but it looks like it was cold! It was much warmer standin on the beach drinkin hot coffee and smashin the shutter button!!

Good things to come at the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 eh John??


John Ashley said...

You KNOW it bro- I think you've been waiting long enough for this trip, right? Gonna be so fun for you and Dedo Plumo!

Anonymous said...

gemini in the water

John Ashley said...

Good eye... there was a Werner and a Gem in the water that day... I know who you are Mr. Anon!

Anonymous said...

yep been surfing 3ms getting a 8 6 gem from jon lalane lala surfboards has access to the gem files at kkl gettig cut on monday keep pushing the down size try to keep up. be safe in mex steve