Friday, December 3, 2010

Lilly the stunt dog's newest trick... Dead Dog.

We are professionals, do not try this at home!


Unknown said...

best thing i've seen in a long time...

Jeff Wallis said...
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Jeff Wallis said...

Thats too cool Johnboy! Now wait till she learns how to drag her butt across the carpet after she takes a dump.

Look John, Lilly has learned a new trick!!!

Wally Out!

John Ashley said...

I taught her how to kneeboard... she perfected that trick in like 5 minutes.

Jeff Wallis said...

Instructor and teacher you may be, but even you know you cant teach what ya don't know!

Don't be hatin on us Kneelo's!

Just because when we are in the water it's almost always overhead and we are always spending more time in the green room!

Now give that dog a reward and get your paddle on!


Wally Out!

John Ashley said...

Wally rules!